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Training Champion Rertievers for the Serious Waterfowl Hunter
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Training Program

B&B kennels is committed to the development of high performance hunting retrievers.  Our purpose is to supply hunters with quality hunting companions who often compete at local and international levels.  Whether for competition or hunting, nothing brings more joy to an owner and his retriever than a job well done.

Our training program uses the dog’s natural ability, high level of intelligence, and desire to please to obtain maximum training results.  We tailor your dog’s training to meet your needs, as well as your dog’s talents and temperament.

We can take puppies at age 4 months after they have finished their vaccinations or at age 6 months after they have their permanent teeth. Or if you don’t have the time we have a puppy head start program, that’s starts at 7 weeks.

Puppies require socialization, keep retrieving desire, keep things simple, lots of fun and encouragement, don’t over train or steady, teach him/her his/her name.

Establish and maintain a standard. Once you have set the a standard performance expect the dog to maintain it. Don’t demand the dog do something one day and let him get by with it the next day.

Attitude. A happy dog learns quicker and performs at a higher level. Attitude is maintained with positive reinforcement and marks with blinds.

Always teach conventionally, not with the collar. Show him what you expect. Use the collar for correction.

Never get emotional while training. Have the attitude that you will have to fight a few battles, but you will win the war in the end. Tomorrow they may understand.

Total control with a good attitude results from the ability of the dog, the ability of the trainer, lots of hard work, and training grounds.


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